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In Midland, basement waterproofing is a fundamental necessity for safeguarding your home against potential water damage. Given the region’s ever-changing weather patterns, opting for professional basement waterproofing services in Midland is a prudent choice. These seasoned experts are well-prepared to combat issues like water seepage, persistent dampness, and the onset of mold. They achieve this by proficiently sealing foundation cracks, installing efficient drainage systems, and deploying reliable sump pumps. These proactive measures not only maintain a dry basement but also secure the long-term structural integrity of your home. Instead of waiting for basement flooding to become a pressing issue, reach out to trusted basement waterproofing specialists in Midland to secure dependable and practical solutions.


Interior waterproofing, also known as internal waterproofing, offers an effective solution for tackling moisture problems within your basement by addressing leaks from within your property. When your basement experiences excess moisture and dampness, choosing interior waterproofing is a wise decision to prevent the development of mold and mildew, which can result in unpleasant odors and pose health risks. Additionally, interior waterproofing serves as a viable option for mitigating hydrostatic pressure, a common factor contributing to a damp basement.

For the following three reasons, the internal system technique may be the best option:


Limited Space and Restricted Access: It may not be feasible to address the situation from the exterior due to space limitations and restricted access.

Hydrostatic Pressure: The water-related problem is linked to hydrostatic pressure, which means that shifts in the groundwater beneath the concrete slab result in water infiltrating through the basement’s slab or the point where the wall meets the floor. This fluctuation in groundwater levels could potentially indicate the presence of an underground water channel near the property.



Cost-Effective for Unfinished Spaces: In unfinished living spaces, the Internal System presents a budget-friendly choice.

Basement waterproofing


External waterproofing involves exposing the foundation and applying appropriate waterproofing materials to establish a foundation waterproofing system. This system effectively redirects and disperses water away from the exterior of your property’s foundation walls. It is a commonly used approach for basement foundation repair and is considered one of the preferred waterproofing solutions for addressing basement leaks in Midland.

Exterior waterproofing

Excavation: Excavation around the building’s perimeter is necessary for external waterproofing. The size of the excavation depends on your property’s elevation, typically ranging from four to eight feet in depth and two to twelve feet in width.

Installing Speed Shoring

Speed Shoring Installation: The installation of Speed Shoring ensures both worker safety and prevents soil from re-filling the excavation space.

Foundation Wall Cleaning

Leaking Tile Replacement: Once the footing is reached, you can remove the old weeping tile and replace it with a new 4-inch weeping tile, along with the filter cloth.

Foundation Wall Cleaning

Foundation Wall Repair: The foundation walls undergo a thorough cleaning and inspection for cracks or voids. Problematic areas are then repaired using a non-shrink specialty cement that expands upon application to fill and reinforce the chiseled-out sections.

Trowel-On Rubber Membrane Application

Rubber Membrane Installation: A rubber membrane is installed, serving a crucial role in external waterproofing by accommodating potential future foundation movement and settling.

Installation rubber waterproofing

Mesh Installation: An additional rubber layer is added, enhancing the strength of the initial rubber membrane layer.

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Drainage Sheet Installation: A soil drainage sheet is fixed on top of the termination bar, serving both as a drainage membrane and a protective layer.

Window Well Installation: Replacement of below-grade windows may be necessary. A 4-inch weeping tile is installed vertically from the interior of the window well to the footings to prevent clogs.

basement waterproofing services

Gravel Layer: A 3/4-inch layer of clear gravel covers the weeping tile, enhancing drainage capabilities and reducing excessive water absorption through the weeping tile to prevent blockages.

Cover the weeping tile

Backfilling: Native soil is used to fill the gap, compacted to the same level as before. After backfilling the soil, the entire foundation undergoes waterproofing to prevent water intrusion and effectively address the issue of a moist basement.

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Basement flooding is a significant concern in Midland, but you don’t have to live with the risk of water seepage in your basement. Allow us to introduce you to our basement waterproofing services in Midland. Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Solutions, the leading waterproofing company in Midland, can help you prevent basement leaks through proven waterproofing techniques. Basement waterproofing in Midland is the most reliable way to divert exterior water and safeguard your basement’s walls and floors from leaks. It has become essential for homeowners looking to maintain dry basements, preventing water damage and enhancing the usability of their space. Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Solutions offers various basement waterproofing solutions, including exterior and interior waterproofing, structural crack repair, and more, catering to your foundation repair and leaky basement repair needs in Midland. Is basement waterproofing a common practice for all basements or only for specific cases?


Addressing water infiltration is possible through internal waterproofing, redirecting it to a suitable drainage point within your property. One primary benefit of employing an internal waterproofing system is its capability to intercept water that penetrates the wall and travels beneath the foundation. Our drainage membrane efficiently channels water away from any compromised basement walls. Additionally, water seeping through the foundation footing, concealed by the drainage board and guided by new weeping tiles, can lead to the formation of damp spots and leaks on your basement floor.

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basement waterproofing


Foundation cracks can manifest for various reasons, including construction quality, soil conditions, settlement, or natural occurrences like earthquakes or frostquakes. The specific repair method depends on the type of foundation wall and the cause of the crack. When conducting basement inspections, one of our initial assessments is to examine foundation cracks. While they are more common in older homes, modern homes can also experience them when concrete settles improperly due to soil expansion and contraction during freezing and thawing cycles.


The foundation of your new home holds immense significance as it plays a pivotal role in diverting water away from your residence. Effective moisture management begins with the foundation’s construction. In new residential developments, the building code typically mandates minimal foundation preparation, often referred to as “damp proofing.” Ensuring the external waterproofing of your home is of utmost importance, and there’s no more opportune moment than during the foundation’s construction phase. At Umbrella Waterproofing, we specialize in employing external waterproofing techniques to protect your project’s foundation thoroughly. This service is tailored for contractors and new construction businesses, allowing us to handle the basement foundation repair aspect while you collaborate with a competent waterproofing contractor to complete the project. Our expertise lies in delivering exceptional external waterproofing and professional basement foundation repair solutions in Midland.

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Looking for Wet Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Midland? You can find reviews and testimonials for our basement waterproofing services in Midland. We assure you the most competitive prices in Midland! We offer options for permanently drying Midland’s wet basements, both from the inside and outside, with or without excavation! Our basement waterproofing services come with a documented warranty for your peace of mind! We guarantee effective treatments for basement waterproofing! Choose us as your trusted and top-rated basement waterproofing contractor in Midland.

Emergency Waterproofing

Swift waterproofing action is vital to shield your property against abrupt water infiltration risks. Events like heavy rainfall, floods,

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Ior unexpected pipe leaks can result in water seeping into your home, potentially causing damage to your possessions and undermining the structural integrity. Rapid measures, including crack sealing and the use of water-resistant materials, are employed to deter water entry. Taking prompt action serves as a protective solution against imminent water hazards and lays the groundwork for more enduring solutions. For Midland residents grappling with such challenges, seeking the expertise of professionals in foundation repair and addressing leaky basement concerns is a wise decision.


Enhancing basement space often demands specialized methods such as basement lowering, also known as underpinning.

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This procedure entails excavating the floor to generate additional vertical space, which can be effectively utilized for expanded living areas, recreational purposes, or increased storage capacity. Meticulous planning and engineering are essential to guarantee structural integrity, while proper drainage and robust waterproofing measures are crucial to prevent moisture-related concerns. Consulting with professionals skilled in foundation repair in Midland and the effective management of leaky basements proves to be an invaluable resource in this endeavor.

Backwater Valve Installation

In regions like Midland, where foundation repair and basement waterproofing hold significant importance,

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the installation of a backwater valve becomes imperative. This crucial component serves as a defense against sewage backups, particularly during heavy rainfall or in cases of blocked sewer lines. Operating as a one-way valve, it permits wastewater to exit while preventing any reverse flow. Its significance is particularly pronounced in flood-prone areas or regions with aging sewer systems, offering protection not only to plumbing but also to household well-being. For a seamless installation, it is advisable to rely on seasoned professionals who possess expertise in both foundation repair and solutions for leaky basements in Midland.

Sump Pump Installation

In regions characterized by diverse climates, such as Toronto, effective groundwater management becomes imperative.

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The installation of a sump pump, facilitated by professionals skilled in both foundation repair and comprehensive basement waterproofing, plays a pivotal role. Professionals well-versed in foundation repair and adept at addressing leaky basements in Toronto, in conjunction with thorough basement waterproofing, ensure the seamless management of both foundational and waterproofing aspects. Positioned within a pit, the sump pump effectively expels excess water, thereby averting potential damage and inhibiting the growth of mold. Their expertise is instrumental in safeguarding your property from moisture-related vulnerabilities, ultimately enhancing its security and overall well-being. These services play a crucial role in upholding your property's safety, structural stability, and overall functionality. Whether you are grappling with water-related challenges, seeking to optimize your basement space, or fortify your plumbing, entrusting the task to experts specializing in leaky basements in Midland, and conducting basement waterproofing in Midland ensures the continuous prosperity of your property.

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