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Basement waterproofing


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If you’re currently facing drainage challenges in Midland, it’s crucial to enlist the services of dependable professionals specializing in drain repair and cleaning to ensure the smooth operation of your plumbing system. Whether you’re dealing with a blocked drain, damaged pipes, or sewer line issues, Midland’s proficient technicians possess the necessary expertise to address your unique requirements.

When it comes to drain repair in Midland, these highly skilled specialists excel at identifying the root causes of problems and implementing effective solutions. Their capabilities extend to tasks such as repairing or replacing damaged pipes and resolving blockages, all aimed at restoring your drainage system to its optimal functionality.

Furthermore, beyond drain repair, it’s essential to emphasize the importance of regular drain cleaning as a preventive measure against future issues. Midland’s professional drain cleaners employ state-of-the-art techniques and cutting-edge equipment to eliminate buildup and debris from your pipes, thereby enhancing water flow and reducing the risk of clogs.

Don’t let drainage issues disrupt your daily routine. Reach out to reputable drain repair and cleaning services in Midland to ensure the efficient operation of your plumbing system. With our expertise, you can enjoy trouble-free drains and attain peace of mind.


Noxious Odors

Unpleasant Odors
When food particles and other debris accumulate within your plumbing, they can decompose and give rise to unpleasant odors. Pay attention to any foul smells emanating from your drains while performing tasks like washing dishes or brushing your teeth.

Clogs that Recur

Persistent Blockages
Experiencing an occasional blockage is not unusual. However, if you find yourself frequently reaching for the plunger or calling a plumber, it might be time to consider a new plumbing service provider and a thorough drain cleaning.

Drainage Time

Slow Drainage
If water in your sink, bathtub, or toilet is slow to drain, it could be an indication of a pipe obstruction. Our skilled plumbers in Midland can swiftly eliminate the blockage and perform drain cleaning to prevent future issues.

At Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Services of Midland, we prioritize the well-being of your plumbing system. Our dedication to your peace of mind means offering fast and reliable drain cleaning services in Midland. Additionally, we employ innovative methods and video technologies to ensure the utmost in thorough and comprehensive service, allowing you to resume your daily life with confidence.

Drain repair


Maintaining the functionality of drains can be one of the most demanding tasks for your home or business. At Umbrella Waterproofing, we provide expedient and dependable drain cleaning services, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

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Our skilled plumbers are well-equipped to handle any plumbing issue our customers bring to us. You can have complete confidence that we will effectively resolve your drain problem!

Additionally, our commitment to correctly completing the job on the initial visit ensures that you won’t need multiple appointments for the same issue. Whether it’s a minor concern or a more significant challenge, we are prepared to address it, regardless of its size. All it takes is a phone call, and we will promptly and efficiently attend to your drain problem.

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Drain repair service
Drain cleaning services


To schedule a service appointment for clogged drain repair in Midland, simply reach out to Umbrella Waterproofing. We offer comprehensive solutions, including drain camera inspections, to efficiently identify and rectify blocked drains.

Our team of licensed plumbers is committed to delivering exceptional service, rapid responses, and lasting solutions. Regardless of when your drain issue arises, we’ll have a plumber on-site and ready to assist you. Moreover, each service we provide comes with a 100 percent quality guarantee, ensuring the best possible repair experience.

Clogged drains can be quite bothersome, disrupting our daily routines and leaving undesirable residue in sinks and showers. At Umbrella Waterproofing, we offer drain-snaking services to address these concerns.

  • Safety: Safety is a top priority when it comes to drain repair services. Many store-bought drain cleaning products rely on corrosive chemicals to remove obstructions, which can harm certain plumbing materials, potentially leading to burst pipes and water damage. In contrast, professional drain repair companies in Midland employ techniques like rooting and hydrojetting, which are chemical-free and compatible with all plumbing systems.
  • Minimize Blockages: Regular professional drain cleaning helps minimize the formation of clogs, preventing minor issues from escalating into significant plumbing problems.
  • Odor Elimination: Unpleasant odors emanating from drains are a common issue. Organic matter trapped in pipes decomposes and releases foul odors that air fresheners merely mask. Professional drain cleaning effectively removes accumulated debris and buildup within your pipes, resulting in the elimination of these unpleasant odors and a fresher-smelling home.
  • Keeps Home Cleaner: Maintaining clean drains is essential, as they can serve as breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, which can lead to health issues for you and your family. Even a small buildup of waste material within your drains can have negative consequences. It’s also crucial to consider the potential scenario of sewage backing up into your home due to blocked drains, posing health risks to all occupants, including pets.
  • Reduces Costs: Choosing chemicals or DIY methods to address drain issues may seem cost-effective initially. However, persistent and severe clogs tend to reoccur over time, potentially resulting in significant expenses, such as burst pipes or water damage. Opting for routine professional drain cleaning not only keeps your pipes free from clogs but also reduces the likelihood of encountering costly and catastrophic plumbing problems. For effective drain cleaning in Midland, consider scheduling regular professional services.


Protect your basement from flooding, save on expenses, and lower your insurance premiums with our professional backwater valve installation services.

Exterior waterproofing

Darin’s Team Drain Camera Inspection:
If you’re uncertain about the root cause of drainage issues, our skilled technicians can conduct a camera inspection, providing a clear visual assessment of the problem.

Eco-Friendly Trenchless Drain Replacement:
Opt for environmentally conscious trenchless drain replacements favored by many of our customers. They not only reduce labor requirements but also have a longer lifespan and increased flow capacity.

Comprehensive Waterproofing Solutions:
We offer a complete range of waterproofing services to shield your property from water damage, ensuring long-lasting protection.

waterproofing services

Expert Drain Cleaning:
Rely on our expertise in drain cleaning using top-tier drainage snakes to ensure a thorough, debris-free system.

Precise Main Water Line Repairs:
Our experienced professionals can accurately locate and assess damaged sections of your main water line, enabling swift and effective repairs.

Streamlined Catch Basin Maintenance:
Efficient flood prevention starts with regular catch basin maintenance. Let us simplify this task, ensuring it’s addressed promptly and effectively.



Cracks can be observed along the floor’s edge, positioned at a distance of roughly 6 to 10 inches from the foundation wall, precisely in the area where the system is mandated.

Subsequently, the concrete is extracted, and an excavation is made to accommodate the 3-inch pipe.



A weeping tile featuring perforations has been positioned.

Link the weeping tile to a drainage system, such as a sump pump or a floor drain.



The interior exposed wall in the area where the system is installed is subsequently shielded by a textured drainage membrane sheet.

Next, we add a finely graded 3/4-inch gravel layer to the weeping tile for the best possible drainage.



After the correct installation of the membrane and gravel, the system will effectively gather and redirect water from both the surface and subsurface areas.

Following this, the trench that is visible is filled with a layer of concrete, bringing the floor back to its original level.



The floor is returned to its prior level by adding a layer of concrete to cover the exposed pit.

Drain cleaning services
Drain cleaning & repair services


Drains and pipes play a crucial role in the functionality of any property. Maintaining their proper operation demands ongoing care and attention, as overlooked issues can escalate into costly plumbing problems.

At Umbrella Waterproofing, our team of experts offers a reliable and skilled drain service, which encompasses:

  • Video and advanced sewage drain camera inspection
  • Snaking drain
  • Cleaning the sewers
  • Cleaning of storm drains
  • Drain cleaning with chemicals

Contact us today for a complimentary site assessment and quotation, and we’ll handle the rest with expertise and professionalism.

We always make sure that your problem is resolved effectively, that’s why 70% of our new clients are referrals!

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