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Lately the only sewer drain problem that a homeowner could not deal with himself/herself has been a failure of the main municipal sewer. This problem has been especially predominant in Toronto, Mississauga and Burlington due to the age, size deficiencies and constant repairs of the old municipal sewer and storm drain pipes. The only way to protect your property from the municipal sewer back up is to install a mainline sewer backwater valve (or also known as back flow prevention device).

Important facts to know about backwater valve installation:


Backwater valve unit is installed at the front foundation wall inside or outside (call us to find out what option suits you!)

Some of the municipalities in Ontario subsidize the installation of the backwater valve unit (for example the city of Toronto, City of Burlington (Halton Region), City of Mississauga (Peel Region)).



Backwater valve installation can lower your home insurance premiums!

When the unit’s floating stopper shuts due to the backup from the street you should stop using your own drain pipes (such as flushing the toilets, using sinks) since the backwater valve unit only protects you from the city’s sewage, but not your own! Be very careful with the unit alarm system – “mainline”, the producer of the backwater valves (the only brand approved for the rebate in Toronto, and the province of Ontario) DOES NOT manufacture any alarm systems for the unit.


By choosing Umbrella Waterproofing & Plumbing Solutions to protect your property with “Mainline” backwater valve you will get:

A true professional approach – video camera inspection before the installation with a thorough explanation of where the unit should be installed and why (complimentary video inspection saves you over $150 dollars).

We pay and apply for the permit, we also schedule the city inspection, hence saving you time & money – no need to go to the city hall and wait in lines. We do the leg work for you!

Professional installation of the backwater valve unit by a licensed technician to qualify you for the subsidy – proper, clean and tidy.

Assistance with the backwater valve rebate application and the rebate forms.

Thorough explanation for any downspout disconnection.

Stress-free experience with logical and pleasant professionals!


Lately we have been asked many questions about submersible pumps, or in short referred to as sump pumps: “What are they for?” “How do they help the property?” And the most important question:” Do we need one?”

In Ontario normally sump pumps have been common in small towns and villages where there are no central storm drains or combined storm/sanitary drains, instead the residents have septic tanks. However as of lately, due to some major failures of the municipal storm systems sump pumps have become to play rather important role in protecting homeowners basement from flooding in the cities and large urban centers.


  • Sump pump is an ALTERNATIVE discharge for the storm waters – instead of draining water into the storm sewer the sump pump can drain the storm waters outside above the ground level (Call us now to find out about the underground discharge!)
  • Sump pump on its own DOES NOT improve or help your existing waterproofing application.
  • Please ensure that your sump pump picks up the outside or inside weeping tile!
  • Please be aware about freezing of the outside sump pump discharge pipe(s). Call us to find out what to do to prevent this.
  • Improper position of the sump pump discharge can CREATE a waterproofing problem.
  • It is not necessarily a MUST to have a sump pump installed at your property.
  • You may be eligible for the exemption from the municipality NOT to install a sump pump and still have your storm waters draining into combined sewer.
  • Battery backup systems have limited timing while operating on a battery power. Prices can be 2 to 3 times different for various models.
  • Sump pumps can have the ALARM system(s) which can be quite handy.
  • There is a subsidy or rebate for installing a sump pump, hence you may be eligible to get large portion of the costs covered by your local municipality.


Our team at Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Solutions has been installing sump pumps for many years and we have our own preferences on which pump, pit and a battery backup unit to choose. It is based on everyday use of the sump pump, the unit’s quality and its technical specifications.
Give us a call to speak to the REAL PROFESSIONALS.

We always make sure that your problem is resolved effectively, that’s why 70% of our new clients are referrals!

We have 20+ Years Experience !


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