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When you’re in need of a skilled and dependable plumber in Oakville, it’s important to find a professional who can handle your plumbing needs with expertise. Whether you’re facing a leaky faucet, a drain blockage, or a plumbing emergency, a trusted plumber in Oakville can provide the necessary solutions.

Experienced plumbers in Oakville possess the knowledge and skills to tackle various plumbing issues. From routine repairs and installations to complex plumbing projects, they can handle the task efficiently and effectively.

By hiring a reliable plumber in Oakville, you can expect prompt and reliable service. They will accurately diagnose the problem, offer practical solutions, and ensure that the work is completed to the highest standards of quality.

Don’t let plumbing problems disrupt your daily life. Contact a reputable plumber in Oakville to get the professional assistance you need. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and their expertise in the field, they will ensure that your plumbing system is functioning properly once again, providing you with peace of mind.




Our expert Oakville plumbers come on schedule and are available seven days a week. Our Oakville plumber will wear shoe coverings and use mats on your property to avoid messes. We’re going to clean up after ourselves!

Estimates at Home

Home-based estimates

Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Services provide on-site estimates for various plumbing projects. We do this so you may obtain an exact quote and know how much our service will cost before starting! Select us as Oakville plumbers to avoid unexpected expenses. We will never charge extra fees, subcontracting costs, or other expenditures.

Experts in Licensed Plumbing

Licensed Plumbing Experts in Oakville

Our plumbers in Oakville are fully insured, highly trained, and equipped with cutting-edge tools and equipment. This means you can relax, knowing you’ll receive the most outstanding service possible and be insured if something goes wrong.

Schedule of Appointments

Do not fret about your Oakville plumber’s arrival time. Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Services Oakville accepts appointments. So rather than sitting at home wondering when an Oakville plumber will arrive, you’ll know when our expert plumbers will fix your drain problems. We will accommodate your schedule rather than the other way!

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As much as we enjoy providing high-quality services at reasonable prices, we recognize that you may not want to come to us frequently. Therefore, after every repair or other plumbing service, our professional plumbers at Umbrella Plumbing run through our signature check-up list. This inspection provides us with an overview of the state of your plumbing system and allows us to keep you informed about any potential problems or repairs. It even aids in disaster preparedness!

Do you have any concerns regarding the state of your plumbing system? Our skilled plumbers will complete our Umbrella Plumbing Check-Up list at no additional cost when you schedule an appointment with Umbrella Plumbing in Oakville!


Our plumbers will evaluate the critical components of your plumbing system, including faucets, drains, toilets, pipes, and more, at each visit. Additionally, any recommended repairs due to this assessment may be completed at a cheaper cost. On the other hand, simple modifications may have a significant impact!


Consider the following inspection services:

Camera Inspection of Plumbing:
We may do a non-invasive survey of your pipes using our modern plumbing camera technology, detecting any problems before they become disasters.

Detecting Leaks:
Dripping noises or musty scents might suggest a leak. Our plumbers can rapidly repair these issues, thereby saving you money!

Detection of Slow Drains:
Slow drains may exacerbate the situation. Our plumbers will ensure that your business functions correctly and that your clients are protected.

Our plumbers will check your home and advise you on any repairs or upgrades required. As a result, plumbing difficulties may be detected and prevented early on, saving you time and money in the long run!

Plumbing services


As trained and experienced plumbers, Umbrella Plumbing can address any size or type of plumbing problem your business may have. We offer comprehensive diagnostics and inspections to monitor any plumbing system issues and recommendations for any upgrades or installs you may require. We also conduct system maintenance to guarantee that your plumbing system runs at peak efficiency.

In an emergency, our professional plumbers are available to assist you. Our clients know they can depend on a plumber to solve their problems no matter what time of day. They also know we’ll be on time, provide courteous and professional service, and clean up after ourselves.


While some leaks, such as those from fixtures or faucets, may appear insignificant, ignoring a leaky pipe for months might cost your firm thousands of dollars in water and mold damage. However, if you address the signs of leaky pipes right away, you can solve the problem before it becomes a costly repair.

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The following are symptoms of a leaky pipe:

The sound of rushing water may always be heard.

Walls and ceilings that are discolored or sagging

Mildewy and moldy walls (except the shower)

Near drains/sewers, foul odors from the floor or wall

The water bill is relatively high despite no change in usage.

Calling Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Services to fix your leaky pipes is a safe bet. Our rigorous inspections will identify every defective line in your building. We can fix all of your significant leaks in one visit using cutting-edge plumbing technology and a thorough approach. Our licensed plumbers give the solution to your company’s requirements with long-lasting repairs and guaranteed components and craftsmanship.


Thanks to our skilled plumbers, any new equipment you choose to install or replace will operate flawlessly with the rest of your system. Our staff is committed to completing projects correctly the first time and as swiftly as feasible.

Consider the following commercial plumbing components that are frequently replaced:

Toilets & Bathroom Faucets
Umbrella Pumblers can rapidly install new bathroom faucets and toilets with minimum disturbance to your routine company operations. In addition, we’ll assist you in determining which faucets or toilets are appropriate for your location’s daily needs.

Grease traps for under the sink
Grease traps that aren’t working correctly can cause major plumbing and health issues. However, installing a grease trap will save you money in the long term. Grease traps help remove odors, clogged drains, septic problems, repairs, wastewater, etc.

Faucets for Kitchens
Allow our plumbers to assist you in determining your kitchen’s demands. For example, kitchen appliances that are useful and fashionable are generally available, especially if the kitchen is open to the public. In addition, heavy-duty faucets and sinks and other kitchen components designed for industrial use may be offered.

Drains on the Floor
We have industry-specific drain solutions for whatever your company location requires. Overflow protection, high-traffic area floor drains, safe, sanitary drain systems, trench drains, floor sinks, sump drains, and double containment floor drains are just a few products.

As a business owner, you can’t afford downtime while waiting for a plumbing firm to replace or install new plumbing equipment! Your plumbing will be repaired quickly and effectively by Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing. Our expert plumbers will work right soon to restore service to your company!


We strive to deliver friendly, approachable service since we feel it is one of the most critical tools in our arsenal. Therefore, we handle your property with the highest respect from beginning to end.

Our plumbing services in Oakville include the following:

  • Professionals who are licensed, bonded and insured
  • We are available for any emergency at any time.
  • All times and days are charged at the exact cost.
  • Guaranteed parts and craftsmanship
  • Technicians that are reliable and present themselves properly.

Our plumbing services in Oakville are swift, dependable, and constantly delight our consumers! We provide business, emergency, and residential plumbing services across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

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We always make sure that your problem is resolved effectively, that’s why 70% of our new clients are referrals!

Types of Plumbing services are available in Oakville?

Kitchen Repairs, Faucet Repairs & Drain Cleaning

When your kitchen plumbing in Oakville encounters problems, swift solutions are a necessity. Whether you’re facing clogged drains, dripping taps, or considering upgrades like a dishwasher drain line installation, rely on the expertise of our plumbers in Oakville. At Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Solutions, we’re dedicated to promptly resolving your kitchen plumbing issues, ensuring a seamless return to enjoying the heart of your home. Our array of kitchen plumbing services includes:

  • Rectifying leaky faucets and/or pipes.
  • Clearing obstructed drains.
  • Repairing or installing new shut-off valves on kitchen fixtures.
  • Installing fresh water and drain line piping for dishwashers or refrigerators.
  • Upgrading plumbing fixtures and faucets.
  • Installing customer-supplied faucets, sinks, or garburators (where permissible by the municipality).

With our proficiency in plumbing in Oakville, we ensure your kitchen functions efficiently. Our skilled plumbers in Oakville are committed to meeting your needs and surpassing your expectations.

Bathroom Repairs & Toilet Plumbing

Your bathroom is a pivotal space where your day begins and ends. As such, any disruptions due to malfunctions can significantly impact your routine. If a continuously dripping tap is robbing you of sleep or a persistently running toilet is causing your water bills to skyrocket, our plumber services are here to swiftly address these issues. At Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Solutions, our commitment lies in diagnosing the root cause and restoring the seamless function of your bathroom. Moreover, if you’re contemplating upgrading your bathroom fixtures, rest assured that we have you covered. We offer a comprehensive array of plumbing solutions to cater to your Oakville bathroom requirements.

As a reputable plumbing company in Oakville, we proudly provide the following bathroom services:

  • Repair or replacement of broken or leaky faucets.
  • Repair or replacement of shower heads.
  • Resolution of slow flushing or consistently running toilets.
  • Efficient removal of drain clogs.
  • Replacement of shower valves.
  • Unclogging of blocked toilets.
  • Precise resealing of toilets that may be leaking at the base.
  • Repair or installation of new shut-off valves on bathroom fixtures.

At Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Solutions, we recognize the paramount importance of a properly functioning bathroom and are resolute in delivering expert plumbing services that ensure your bathroom operates seamlessly.

Basement & Outdoor Plumbing Problems

When considering plumbing in Oakville, your basement, laundry room, or garden may not immediately come to mind. However, a malfunctioning sump pump, backed-up sewer line, or faulty garden faucet can lead to significant damage to your home. During an Oakville plumbing emergency, you can rely on Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Solutions. Our Oakville plumbers are just a phone call away and are committed to completing the job correctly, ensuring worry-free plumbing both inside and outside your home. We provide the following basement, laundry room, and outdoor plumbing services in your vicinity:

  • Repair or replacement of sump pumps.
  • Replacement of broken laundry hoses.
  • Clearing blockages in the main drain sewer.
  • Repair or replacement of backwater valves.
  • Replacement of water shut-off valves.
  • Repair or replacement of outdoor hose bibs / outdoor faucets.

Household Plumbing Upgrades

In search of a simple yet effective way to revitalize your interior design and enhance the value of your Burlington home? Look no further. Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Solutions present an assortment of new kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures, accompanied by convenient installation services right within your reach. If you’re considering plumbing upgrades in Oakville, whether it’s updating your kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, toilets, shower valves, or trim, don’t hesitate to contact our proficient team of plumbers in Oakville. Reach out to Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Solutions™ today and take a step towards elevating both the aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces.


Why do my drains keep clogging?

Drains can become clogged due to a variety of reasons. Some common causes include a buildup of hair, soap scum, food particles, and other debris. Additionally, flushing non-flushable items down the toilet or pouring grease down the drain can also lead to clogs. Addressing clogs as soon as possible is important to prevent further damage and avoid potentially costly repairs.

Why is my toilet so noisy when it's flushed?

There are a few reasons why your toilet might be making noise when it’s flushed. One common cause is a faulty or worn-out fill valve, which can create a whistling or hissing sound. Another possibility is that the flush valve is not closing properly, causing water to continue running and creating noise.

How Do I Replace My Toilet Flange?

Replacing a toilet flange is a complicated task and it requires some basic plumbing skills. Follow the below-mentioned steps to replace your toilet flange correctly:

  1. Cut the old flange off correctly and any other obstruction that you may find.
  2. Around the drain opening, you will find the old wax ring, scrape it off and dispose of it.
  3. Pick a new toilet flange to replace
  4. Now place the T-bolts in your new toilet flange
  5. Now, press the toilet flange in the drain opening by using the T-bolts as reference points for positioning.
  6. After that, use a hammer drill to drill holes into the concrete.
  7. Finally, screw the toilet flange onto the concrete.

Why is My Shower Pressure Low?

The pressure in your shower could be slow due to a variety of reasons. Some homes only have access to hard water, which results in mineral buildup in the showerhead, which ultimately restricts  the flow of water. Also check if your showerhead’s pipe or valve is clogged due to debris. Blockage in the plumbing system can also result in decreased water flow. 

What Causes Residue and Stains in the Bathtub?

There could be several reasons behind the residue and stains in your bathtub. Some reasons include, soap scum, mould buildup, hard water, etc. 

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