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Basement waterproofing

If you’re experiencing drainage issues in Burlington, reliable drain repair and cleaning services are essential to ensure the smooth operation of your plumbing system. Whether you’re dealing with a clogged drain, damaged pipes, or sewer line problems, professional technicians in Burlington can provide the expertise you need.

When it comes to drain repair in Burlington, skilled specialists can identify the root cause of the problem and implement effective solutions. From repairing or replacing damaged pipes to clearing blockages, they will restore your drainage system to optimal functionality.

In addition to drain repair, regular drain cleaning is crucial for preventing future issues. Professional drain cleaners in Burlington utilize advanced techniques and equipment to remove buildup and debris from your pipes, improving water flow and reducing the risk of clogs.

Don’t let drainage problems disrupt your daily life. Contact reputable drain repair and cleaning services in Burlington to ensure the efficient operation of your plumbing system. With their expertise, you can enjoy hassle-free drains and peace of mind.


Noxious Odors

Noxious Smells
Food and other particles can decay and generate sour aromas when they pile in your drains. So when you wash your dishes and brush your teeth, keep an eye out for foul odors coming from your gutters.

Clogs that Recur

Recurring Clogs
It’s common to experience a clog now and then. However, it may be time for a new plumber and a thorough cleaning if you frequently pull out the plunger or call the plumber.

Drainage Time

Time to Drain
One of your pipes may be clogged if the water in your sink, tub, or toilet takes a long time to drain. Our Burlington plumbers can quickly clear the clog and clean your drains to prevent future issues.

We take your plumbing health very seriously at Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Services of Burlington. So you can go back to living your life, we provide rapid and trustworthy drain cleaning services in Burlington. We also use cutting-edge methods and video technologies to deliver the most comprehensive services.

Drain repair


Drains are one of the most challenging aspects of your home or business to keep in good working order. Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Services of Burlington delivers prompt, trustworthy drain cleaning services so you can concentrate on what matters.


Our plumbers have the abilities to handle any plumbing job that our customers throw at them. So you don’t have to worry about whether or not we’ll be able to fix your drain issue; the answer is yes!

We also make sure that the service is performed the first time correctly, avoiding the need for repeat visits to address the same problem. There is no job too little or too huge for us to undertake. Give us a call, and we’ll handle your drain issue.

Drain repair service
Drain cleaning services


To book a service call for clogged drain repair in Burlington, call Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing. We provide drain camera examinations to detect blocked drains and properly repair them.

Our licensed plumbers deliver excellent service, quick responses, and long-term results. Whether your clogged drain happens, we will have a plumber on-site and ready to help. Additionally, each favor comes with a 100 percent quality guarantee for the best possible repair experience.

Clogged drains are an inconvenience. They obstruct our daily activities and leave an unpleasant residue in our sinks and showers. Drain snaking services are available from Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing Services.

  • Safety : When it comes to drain repair services, it’s important to note that store-bought drain cleaning products often rely on corrosive chemicals for obstruction removal. However, these chemicals have been proven to harm certain plumbing materials, potentially resulting in burst pipes and eventual water damage. Professional drain repair companies in Burlington utilize techniques like rooting and hydro jetting, which are both chemical-free and suitable for all types of plumbing systems.
  • Minimize Blockages: Regularly having a professional clean your drains helps prevent the formation of clogs. Even minor clogs can escalate over time and lead to significant plumbing issues if not addressed promptly.
  • Odour Elimination: Have you ever detected unpleasant odours emanating from a specific drain? When organic matter becomes trapped in pipes, it decomposes and releases unpleasant odours that air fresheners merely conceal. Professional drain cleaning effectively eliminates the accumulated debris and buildup within your pipes, resulting in the eradication of foul odours and a fresher-smelling home.
  • Keeps Home Cleaner: Often, individuals only pay attention to their drains when issues arise. However, it’s essential to recognize that numerous drains serve as breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, which can lead to illnesses for you and your family. Even a small accumulation of waste material within your drains can result in negative consequences. Additionally, it’s crucial to contemplate the potential scenario of sewage backing up into your home due to blocked drains. Such sewage backup poses health risks to all occupants of the house, including pets.
  • Reduces Costs: While many believe they are saving money by resorting to chemicals or DIY methods to address drain issues, persistent and severe clogs tend to resurface over time. If such clogs persist, the potential for significant expenses looms ahead, especially if a pipe burst or water damage occurs. Opting for routine drain cleaning not only maintains clog-free pipes but also diminishes the likelihood of encountering costly and catastrophic plumbing problems. For effective drain cleaning in Burlington, consider scheduling regular professional services.


Exterior waterproofing

Backwater valve installation
Basement flooding can be avoided, and cost savings and insurance reductions by installing a backwater valve.

Darin’s camera analysis
Are you unsure what’s clogging your drain system? Our professionals may do a camera inspection to provide a clear image of the situation.

Trenchless drain installation
Many customers are opting for trenchless drain replacements since they are environmentally friendly, labor-intensive, last longer, and increase flow capacity.

waterproofing services

Cleaning a snaking drain
We use a professional-grade drainage snake to clear it out to guarantee that no debris remains in your system.

The main water line is being repaired.
Our professionals can locate the broken section of the pipe and decide what has to be repaired as soon as possible.

Keeping the catch basin clean
Flood prevention begins with keeping your catch basin clean. We make crossing this chore off your to-do list a breeze.



The floor’s border is fractured, roughly 6 to 10 inches from the foundation wall, where the system is required.

The concrete is then removed, and a hole is dug to fit the 3-inch pipe.



A weeping tile with perforations has been placed.

Connect a drainage system to the weeping tile, such as a sump pump or a floor drain.



The interior exposed wall where the system is installed is then covered with a dimpled sheet of drainage membrane.

The weeping tile is then covered with a layer of 34 fine gravel for optimum drainage.



After the membrane and gravel are installed, any water from above or below grade will be able to drain into the system.

The floor is then restored to its previous level by filling the uncovered pit with a layer of concrete.


Drain cleaning services
Drain cleaning & repair services


Drains and pipes are among the most challenging aspects of maintaining any home. They require constant care and attention to be operational, and any faults you ignore can grow into more major plumbing issues that are costly to repair.

Umbrella Waterproofing and Plumbing offer a trustworthy and knowledgeable drain service that includes:

  • Inspection using video and modern sewage drain camera
  • Drain snaking
  • Sewer maintenance
  • Drainage system cleaning
  • Using chemicals to clear drains

We’ll take care of the rest. Contact us now for a free site survey and quotation.

We always make sure that your problem is resolved effectively, that’s why 70% of our new clients are referrals!


Does it cost much to clear a drain in Burlington?

As per the severity, charges for cleaning a drain in Burlington may range from $300 to $500. Consult us to get a free quote today!

Approximately how much time does a plumber take to clear a drain in Burlington?

Once a plumber finds the root cause of clogging, they can clean a drain in just a few hours. However, the time may differ as per the extremity of the case.

Ideally, how many times should the drains be cleaned?

In Burlington, one can get their drains cleaned once or twice a year for the free-flowing of sewages. Regular maintenance helps ensure that sewage flows freely and potential buildups are addressed promptly.

How can you fix a broken drain successfully?

Repairing a broken drain in Burlington successfully needs you to call the experts from Umbrella Waterproofing and allow them to get your job done efficiently. Let our team efficiently handle your job for the best results.

How much does repairing a residential drain pipe in Burlington cost to repair?

The cost of repairing a household drain pipe starts from $55 and varies depending on your requirements. The exact cost of repairing household drain pipes can be assessed by evaluating the extent of damage, materials required for repairs, and the job’s complexity.

Do plumbers of Burlington offer drain pipe repairs?

Yes, indeed! You can reach any plumber from trusted companies like Umbrella Waterproofing & Plumbing Solutions to help fix your drain pipes. We provide a team of trained professionals to fix your drain pipes.

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